Is Chivalry Dead? Or Do I Just Like To Meet Assholes. 

So here’s the story…

I went out with my friends the other night, went to a few bars, had a few drinks. And the last bar we ended up at…well let’s just say that the bartender was VERY easy to look at. Like I don’t think my friends and I have ever been in that much of a trance.

Now, first off, I am not the type of girl who likes to talk to guys when I go out, I actually prefer to be left alone and have a dance party with just me and my friends. RARE occasion if I actually take the time to try to talk to anyone, let alone a guy.

+ Being newly single still frightens me and I am just not ready for that yet.

SO, you know he had to be very cute (Blue eyes and dark hair) to be exact, and well he was very easy to talk to + seemed like a nice enough guy. Also mentioned that he had been learning the piano to play his mother a song…at that point he just had permission to have my children. Too far?

Okay okay.

We ended up exchanging numbers and we did what every other person does in this generation now and started texting right away. (Actually so annoyed by this generation BTW).

Anyways, he had said the night we met that he wanted to take me out. So I was like aww okay sounds nice. Movie. Dinner. Perfect.

We had planned for Saturday Night.

We had met earlier in the week, so I had a little time to text him and get to know him a little before we met up next.

The day after we had met, he had texted me and he seemed very sweet still so I was like okay this looks like a good sign. Go drunk me.

Another day passed and he had texted me saying that he had a dream about me. Cute? Creepy? Or just straight up weird. Like hi I met you once for maybe 2 hours. But I was too worried about his blue eyes to even think that his dreaming about me was indeed very creepy.


So Saturday rolls around and he still hadn’t mentioned plans of any sort, so I had to be the one to be like “sooooo any plans for the night?”

I got a reply of “Yeah you can come to my house and play Mario”….wait….what.

I mean don’t get me wrong, Mario is cool and all but like yeah I just met you dude I am not about to go to your house.

I began to politely tell him that I could meet him downtown and we could do dinner or something. Which he then replied that he had work that night.

So basically, he wanted me to come over and play Mario during the day at his house…………………………..

Uh no.

I declined, which any girl in their right mind would have after only meeting a guy ONCE. We decided Sunday night would work better since he apparently had work Saturday night which he never once mentioned.

Anyways, it’s now Sunday and we were supposed to meet up later in the night for drinks now.

I guess dinner just got thrown out the window all of a sudden since I didn’t want to go to his house…


So we agreed we would meet up later after the concert I was going to that night.

He said it was no problem and that he would see me later.

So a few hours goes by and I get a text…. “Hey I can’t drive downtown I am super drunk..”

No big deal right? Like that’s what those amazing Lyft and Uber apps can do for you now. Which is exactly what I had told him.

He continued to respond by saying, “I drive downtown everyday, so you can come to my house..”

What part of I just met you and am not coming to your house don’t you understand.

Is taking a girl out to dinner just not a thing anymore or?

At this point I am just laughing at the amount of excuses this guy has to try to get me to his house. I decide to be brutally honest and tell him that I am not like other girls he has met and am not going to go his house after meeting him one night.

“I met you once ha not trying to have sex with you” was his brilliant response.


By this point, I had decided that he was just an asshole bartender who wanted to get into my pants and thought playing Mario would really get me goin.

AND after all of that, (I didn’t reply to his last text by the way), he decides to text me the next morning and say “When can I see you?”. Like do you not have a brain at all. I GAVE YOU A CHANCE LAST NIGHT.

Moral of the story: I HATE “DATING”.

Which I mean technically, I guess this was not a form of dating since we never actually got to the point of hanging out.

But I hate how this generation thinks that “hanging out” at their house is a good idea for a first date.

I think it is a lame excuse and I am sick of guys thinking that every girl wants to sleep with them.

NEWSFLASH we don’t.

We would actually just be very happy with a dinner date. Make it exciting. Make it unique. IT’S NOT THAT HARD.

This generation is so lazy.

So, call me “too picky” or “stuck up” but I am not going to settle for playing Mario at your house as a first “date”, no matter how hot you are.




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