Journal Entry: February 24, 2017

There came a moment when I realized that I would never be able to actually heal, if I didn’t get brutally honest with myself. And though, I prided myself on saying that I was a good woman, it was time to get real–how good of a woman could I have possibly been if I was sticking by the sides of men who were treating me so badly? Sure I did everything that a “good woman” was supposed to do for her man, but what I hadn’t been doing, was everything that a good woman is supposed to do for herself. Like walking away from someone who was hurting me more than they were loving me.

Now, I could have thrown myself a pity party in my moment of honesty, that would have been easy; because let’s face it-which women on this earth wants to think that maybe she wasn’t so good after all? But I didn’t. Instead I decided to work on a new beginning. It was time to shed my old skin made of denial and blame, and wear my new one made of accountability and truth; because if I ever wanted to have a real good man in my life, I needed to first learn how to be a real good myself.

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